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About Us

Our Mission

The NEA is a division of ArtsROC, a 501(c)(3) non-profit education organization created in 2010, is dedicated to enhancing the lives of children by fostering their innate quest for knowledge. We promote nurturing educational environments that play to the individual strengths and learning styles of children while allowing exploration of their passions without judgement or limitation. As such, what began with local after-school, holiday and summer programs that focused on LEGO education, language studies and music quickly expanded to match the diverse interests of the children participating in these programs. Minecraft, basketball, and stop-motion movie-making initiatives emerged, and were followed by an entrance into the world of esports. These platforms, when incorporated into the ArtsROC educational programs, motivated our students to reach beyond the lesson plan and to explore learning in a more creative and interactive way. These engaged students inspired further expansion of ArtsROC into the national arena to promote fundamental changes in the structure of the educational system. With the establishment of the National Esports Association as a division of ArtsROC in 2019, there is now a particular emphasis on efforts to support alternative learning for middle and high students through the use of esports in education. The National Esports Association pursues these efforts while also promoting efforts to further the health and academic success of esports athletes through completion of their post-secondary education.

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