3462 Monroe Ave.


ArtsRoc is a 501c organization 

ArtsROC now reaches more than 300 students each year through one-on-one instruction, group classes, and camps.


our resident "therapy dog"

brendon caroselli

music instructor

shari kuperberg

after-school program coordinator

lori bajorek

program director


ArtsROC, a non-profit created in 2010, is dedicated to improving the mental and physical health of children in the Greater Rochester area through after-school and summer enrichment programs. Today's youth are under extreme pressure to be successful in their studies, sports, the arts, and the community, leaving little time for self-exploration. In short, kids are no longer allowed to be kids. As a result, they suffer from alarming rates of anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation and obesity. ArtsROC works to restore the balance of a successful childhood. We foster children’s innate quest for knowledge and support their happiness and their health by creating a nurturing environment that allows them to explore their passions without judgement or limitation. To that end, ArtsROC facilitates programs as vast as the interests of the children it serves. Grounded in the traditional arts of music and language, ArtsROC also focuses on more contemporary educational arenas, such as Minecraft and LEGO education, and sports, with a particular focus on basketball. We are committed to delivering these programs to children regardless of their skills or ability to pay and strive for a society in which all children are able to master the art of being a kid.

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